Monday, June 7, 2010

Fire Drill

When Amy went to the Doc on Thursday for her checkup, they told her she was 2cm dilated and 70-80% effaced. "See ya back in a week... if you make it that long!" A delivery last week would have put her about 2 weeks early, well within the normal window.

On Friday, her contractions were regular enough that I decided to cut out of a major work event 4 days early and come home. The last plane from Phoenix to LAS leaves at 9:15, and the first in the morning is at 6:00am. Didn't seem like it was worth risking, so I changed my flight, bid the team farewell, and headed home.

All day Saturday, contractions were regular, but not strong. On Sunday, they were both. But it seems that the little lady may be a bit of a prankster, because this morning the contractions, while strong, were few and far between.

I guess that's my own karma. A prankster of a daughter, already seeing how much attention she can get with just a little tease. I'm home now, and will be for the duration. I'm just eager to meet this little troublemaker, so she'd better not end up being 2 weeks late and getting here on the 4th of July...

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