Monday, November 3, 2008

Max Kennedy

For those who've been waiting, never fear. A massive update awaits, just as soon as I'm done sleeping.

However, an incredible story from the final non-election day of the campaign.

Max Kennedy, son of Bobby, is traipsing around Las Vegas, and generally firing people up wherever he goes. I say traipsing, because unlike other surrogates, he refused a staff escort. He just took his schedule, hopped in the car with his wife and their GPS system, and set out to meet the organizers and volunteers.

He arrived a little early to our office, while we were unloading boxes of literature for tomorrow's blitz. He didn't say anything, he just grabbed boxes and helped us unload. Then, when we were finished, he was like, "Who's Evan? I'm Max."

He took time to talk to everyone, and then addressed us all. He talked to us about the importance of Field, and how the last Field-Based Democratic Campaign for President was 40 years ago when his father ran.

One of our volunteers was a Field Organizer for Kerry in '04, and had gone canvassing in the not-so-hot part of town with Max then. They reminisced about knocking on the doors of low rent motels and driving hookers to their polling places.

One of our volunteers is an older woman, a child of the Kennedy era, and her eyes were sparkling while he talked to her, and streaming tears when he talked about how he saw his father's legacy being carried forward.

One of our volunteers, another child of the Kennedy era, came up and said, "I just want to tell you, I've only ever volunteered for one other campaign, and it was your daddy's."

It's moments like this that make me remember what an incredible opportunity I've had, what an amazing ride this has been, and how lucky I am to be a part of this.

And thank you. Thank you to everyone who joined on, who kept fighting, day after day, kept the phones humming, and the doorbells ringing. Thanks to everyone who made it a part of daily life for so long. No one expected this, especially in Nevada, and we earned it fair and square.